Episode 2: Ken Davidoff

On this episode of the Replacement Level Podcast New York Post national baseball writer Ken Davidoff takes you inside his Baseball Hall of Fame voting process. Ken plans to vote for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, and explains why in this interview. Ken also discussed why at one point he didn’t vote for either Mark McGwire or Rafael Palmeiro, but now supports both of their candidacies. Ken talked about the information the Hall of Fame provides to voters, how players get on the ballot, and why baseball’s record book was tainted long before steroids entered the game.

This interview is also available to download for free on iTunes.


  1. Ross Carey says:

    Check out my podcast w/ @KenDavidoff he explains why the record book was tainted long before steroids, and we talk #HOF http://t.co/IOWbGk62

  2. […] he is on record as voting for McGwire, who never tested positive, but not Palmeiro, who did. He plans to vote for both Bonds and […]

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