Episode 6: Dave Cameron

On this episode of the Replacement Level Podcast Dave Cameron from FanGraphs and I discuss some baseball myths (like protection), PEDs, and what’s next with advanced metrics. Dave also discussed the differences between fWAR and rWAR, the recent changes to wOBA, and the accuracy of defensive statistics like UZR and DRS. Dave also explained why he thinks the Hall of Fame will lose credibility if Barry Bonds &  Rogers Clemens are not admitted.

I hope you listen to and enjoy the podcast, it can also be downloaded for free on iTunes.




  1. Ross Carey says:

    New #podcast w/ @DCameronFG http://t.co/tntxeI1s we discuss the recent changes to wOBA, the differences between rWAR & fWAR, & the HOF. #MLB

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