Dumb Predictions: Awards and Winners

Predictions are useless but are also fun to do. This past week I rolled out my own dumb predictions for the 2013 season. Here are my predictions for award winners, league leaders, division winners, and a bunch of other random stuff.

American League:

Division Winners: Toronto/Detroit/Los Angeles  Wild Card: Texas/Boston

ALCS: Toronto vs Los Angeles – winner Los Angeles

AL MVP: Mike Trout- The rest of the top 5: Miguel Cabrera/Justin Verlander/Dustin Pedroia/Jose Reyes

AL WAR leaders: Mike Trout 8.8/Miguel Cabrera  7.1/Robinson Cano 7.0/Justin Verlander 6.8/Evan Longoria 6.1

AL CY Young: Justin Verlander- The rest of the top 5: Yu Darvish/David Price/Jon Lester/Jered Weaver

AL Pitcher WAR leaders: Justin Verlander 6.8/Yu Darvish 6.3/David Price 6.0/Max Scherzer 5.1/Felix Hernandez 5.0

AL ROY: Jackie Bradley Jr.

AL HR leader: Prince Fielder (42)/AL SB leader: Mike Trout (55)

AL AVG leader: Joe Mauer (.325)/AL OBP leader: Joe Mauer (.417)/AL SLG leader: Miguel Cabrera  (.615)

AL ERA leader: Felix Hernandez (2.82)/AL SO leader: Justin Verlander (230)/AL Wins leader: Justin Verlander (21)

Lowest WAR: Justin Smoak -1.2

National League:

Division Winners: Washington/Cincinnati/San Francisco  Wild Card: Atlanta/Los Angeles

NLCS: Washington vs Atlanta – winner Washington

NL MVP: Joey Votto- The rest of the top 5: Bryce Harper/Clayton Kershaw/Buster Posey/Stephen Strasburg

NL WAR leaders: Joey Votto 8.2/Bryce Harper  7.6/Ryan Braun 7.4/Clayton Kershaw 7.2/Stephen Strasburg 6.8

NL CY Young: Clayton Kershaw- The rest of the top 5: Stephen Strasburg/Matt Cain/Cole Hamels/Adam Wainwright

NL Pitcher WAR leaders: Clayton Kershaw 7.2/Stephen Strasburg 6.8/Matt Cain 5.6/Cole Hamels 5.4/Cliff Lee 5.2

NL ROY: Gerrit Cole

NL HR leader: Giancarlo Stanton (47)/NL SB leader: Juan Pierre (41)

NL AVG leader: Joey Votto (.331)/NL OBP leader: Joey Votto (.449)/NL SLG leader: Giancarlo Stanton  (.622)

NL ERA leader: Clayton Kershaw (2.47)/NL SO leader: Clayton Kershaw (226)/NL Wins leader: Clayton Kershaw (20)

Lowest WAR: Delmon Young -1.7

Word Series winner: Washington (in 7).

Those are my dumb predictions for the 2013 season. I’ll revisit them at the end of the year to see how many I butchered.

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