Episode 36: Mitchel Lichtman

This episode of the Replacement Level Podcast features Mitchel Lichtman. Mitchel revealed how he first got into sabermetrics, what findings surprised him when he was researching/writing The Book, and … [Read more...]

My 2014 All-Star Selections

The All-Star rosters officially get revealed Sunday night. In advance of this ESPN had several analysts pick their own All-Star teams. I decided to do the same. I kept within the rules of the All-Star … [Read more...]

Episode 35: Mark Melancon

This episode of the Replacement Level podcast features Mark Melancon. Mark talked about pitching for the University of Arizona, Team USA, and in the majors with the Yankees, Astros, Red Sox, and … [Read more...]

Episode 34: Steven Goldman

On this episode of the Replacement Level Podcast SBNation's MLB editor Steven Goldman joined me to recap the Hall of Fame voting results. Steven detailed the history of the BBWAA voting process, and … [Read more...]

2014 Hall of Fame Voting Results

Today the BBWAA Hall of Fame voting results were announced. For the first time since 1999, three players (Maddux, Glavine, and Thomas) received the necessary 75% of the vote needed for enshrinement. … [Read more...]