My 2016 All-Star Rosters

The 2016 MLB All-Star game is fast approaching and the rosters for it will be finalized soon. Here are my rosters and a few thoughts on how I put them together. I kept within the rules MLB presents … [Read more...]

Episode 51: Reggie Jefferson

This episode of the Replacement Level podcast features Reggie Jefferson. Reggie played in the majors for parts of nine seasons and he joined me to discuss his career from draft day to retirement to … [Read more...]

The Underrated Path

Underrated is fundamentally a subjective term. That word means different things to different people and that’s okay. For me, it’s a player whose value on the field is not fully understood, … [Read more...]

Episode 50: Hudson Belinsky

This episode of the Replacement Level Podcast features Hudson Belinsky. Hudson is a writer for Baseball America. He joined me to recap some of the highlights of the 2016 MLB amateur draft. He gave … [Read more...]

Episode 49: Jonathan Judge

This episode of the Replacement Level Podcast features Jonathan Judge. Jonathan is a senior member of Baseball Prospectus' stat team and one of the creators of DRA. He joined me to discuss the state … [Read more...]