The Baseball 250: Part 10 (25-1)

As this list comes to a conclusion you will see lots of familiar names, some of whom will be in unfamiliar places. Please read part 1 of this series for information about¬†methodology and how this list … [Read more...]

Re-thinking the All-Time Starting Nine

The consensus all-time starting nine seems to be: POS PLAYER FROM TO WAR WAA C Johnny … [Read more...]

Is Miguel Cabrera The Best Right-Handed Hitter Of His Generation?

Not everything or everyone is the best thing ever. We live in a time of instant gratification, short attention spans, and hyperbole overload. Recently, I've heard and read various pundits and players … [Read more...]

Baseball’s most exclusive clubs

Twenty eight players have accumulated 3,000 hits or more. Twenty five players have hit 500 home runs or more. Pete Rose tops the hit list with 4,256, Roberto Clemente finished with exactly 3,000. … [Read more...]

Episode 8: Dan Szymborski

On this episode of the Replacement Level Podcast ESPN's Dan Szymborski joined me to discuss his ZIPS projection system. Dan projected the career trajectory for dozens of players including Justin … [Read more...]