Ranking The Top 250 Baseball Players Ever: Part 3 (200-176)

This is part three of my series ranking the top 250 baseball players ever to play the game. For more information about how this list was compiled please refer to part one. This section is for players … [Read more...]

The Underrated Path

Underrated is fundamentally a subjective term. That word means different things to different people and that’s okay. For me, it’s a player whose value on the field is not fully understood, … [Read more...]

Episode 49: Jonathan Judge

This episode of the Replacement Level Podcast features Jonathan Judge. Jonathan is a senior member of Baseball Prospectus' stat team and one of the creators of DRA. He joined me to discuss the state … [Read more...]

The Baseball 250: Part 3 (200-176)

For information about how this list was compiled please read part 1 of this series. This section is for players ranked 200-176. 200: Yutaka Fukumoto- An elite leadoff hitter and defender, Fukumoto … [Read more...]

Rethinking the Hall of Fame: Part Two Pitchers

In part one of this series I took a look at the concept of a bigger Hall by examining position players. Here, I’ll look at pitchers. This project came about because earlier this year a few baseball … [Read more...]