Baseball Links From Around The Web

Here are some quick links to some of my favorite baseball stories this week, (with a few of my own posts mixed in).

Bryan O’Connor examined how sports have evolved, and why each generation of fans and writers struggle to put players from different eras in the proper historical context.

Eric J took a look at the career of the newest member of the Hall of Fame, Deacon White.

Jonathan Bernhardt made his case for Barry Bonds as the best baseball player of all-time.

ESPN released its Hall of 100 list, ranking the top 100 players in baseball history.

Adam Darowski compared the ESPN Hall of 100 to the top 100 in his Hall of Stats.

Buster Olney wrote about (Insider) why he plans to vote for Hall-worthy players who have been associated or suspected of PED use.

David Roher ($) looked at how and why revisionist history entered the Hall of Fame PED debate.

Tom Tango answered some of my questions on run expectancy, PEDs, defensive metrics, and the Hall of Fame

Sam Miller asked “Which WAR(P) are you? ($) He took a look at several of the notable players who changed teams this off-season and compared their WAR totals/differences across all three sites (BR, FG, BP).

Patrick Hruby detailed many of the problems with public funding of sports stadiums (and other sports entities) in his “Let’s eliminate sports welfare” piece.

I made a Hall of Fame case for Kenny Lofton.

Jay Jaffe examined if either Larry Walker or Mike Piazza are worthy Hall of Famers.

Bonds, Clemens, Piazza, and Biggio all got elected into “The Hall of Merit“.

David Schoenfield joined my podcast this week. We discussed the ESPN Hall of 100 list, and the 2013 Hall of Fame ballot.

This post isn’t exactly new, but it was new to me and my favorite thing I read this week. John Thorn wrote about his “Nineteenth Century Pantheon” of players.






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